SnapBots review: how to start SnapBots

Max Fi
3 min readApr 12, 2021


I have learned about the cryptocurrency market for more than 3 years. In fact, there are many different money-making opportunities since I started to explore this market. That is bounty, airdrop, ICO, trading, staking, or most recently, it is defi investment projects, or NFT (Non-fungible token). And of course, with the methods of investing or making money from the above methods, there are different characteristics and risks. I have almost experienced all of the above methods. And with my understanding, I can give advice to those who are just starting out. Please pay attention to the staking method. The project that I have been pursuing for more than a year using staking is Snapbots. SnapBots is a cryptocurrency platform worth exploring.

However, in this article, I will not mention much about the features of SnapBots because I have quite a lot of detailed reviews about it. You can review these articles below.

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And this article will guide you step by step to create a SnapBots account and get ready to learn about the platform.

About SnapBots, this is a platform that provides smart technology solutions, bots serving the financial sector, and much more. Especially the smart auto-trading bots that you can use to earn rewards through the staking feature that SnapBots offers. All of these technologies are listed on SnapBots, continue to improve and roll out even smarter apps. Indeed, Snapbots are a team of highly ambitious and talented developers.

Getting started with SnapBots takes less than 5 minutes to register for an account. Registration link:

After a few steps confirm that you are ready to access SnapBots wallet. You can use SnapBots as a cryptocurrency wallet to manage your crypto assets and access other SnapBots apps.

Increase security for your account

To strengthen your account, make your account more secure. You need to do 2 more steps: install 2FA (Two Factor Authentication); KYC verifies identity.

2FA — Two Factor Authentication

Set up this feature to allow you to use a number of important features such as money transfer, withdrawal, staking, …

KYC — identity verification

This step is to increase the credibility of your account. You can then expand the limit on the crypto reserves in your wallet as much as possible. You will need to provide accurate identity and passport information to be completed.

Once completed you will be marked green — verified

Overall, the steps to setting up an account are pretty straightforward, and SnapBots can be easily accessed after just a few registration steps. Don’t forget to increase the security and safety of your account through the 2FA and KYC setup.