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3 min readApr 14, 2021


Just yesterday, I received great news from the cryptocurrency market when the value of Bitcoin just hit a new milestone. Their value so far has reached 63,000 USD. Really is an impressive number. Bitcoin’s strong resurgence has helped the crypto market rise strongly, overcoming many doubts and barriers of society. These are good signs for the crypto enthusiast community. Then in the near future, you will see more and more companies, technology platforms, and financial markets integrating cryptocurrencies in our daily lives.

Besides, we are also seeing a new trend when investors and traders are increasingly interested in applying technology to conquer this market. A typical example is the automated trading platforms. It is becoming more and more popular and has more advanced bots with safe and effective trading strategies.

SnapBots is one of the excellent team that develops the Auto-trading bot at the moment. They are the provider of these trading bots to individual users and you can also use the platform if you own cryptocurrency and are interested in using our trading bot platform. Snapbots.

Types of trading bots
SnapBots offers you a variety of trading solutions. In it, there are both full auto-trading and semi-automatic(automatically share signals and you will be the decision-maker). So you can be completely proactive and choose the right bots for yourself.

SnapBots Auto-trading Bots

This is a collection of bots with different strategies and varying risks. In particular, SnapBots is currently providing bots with tactics such as:

Cradle: small, continuous trading strategy, so they are safe, have a low risk ratio, and have the ability to bring back small rewards.
Ayers: The strategy has an average risk ratio but therefore the chance of getting the rewards is greater.
Silk: This is an opportunity tactic so that you can have the greatest trading rewards and also the highest risk.

Take a look at the statistics below to see the current performance that these bots are performing.

And to use these bots, you only need to use the staking feature through the SnapBots crypto wallet. After staking, your money will be locked and distributed to various types of trading bots.
I have a detailed review of this bot that you can refer to below this link:

Chart pattern bots

For those of you who have experience in trading and need trading tools. SnapBots Chart pattern bots are the ideal choice for you. This type of bot can scan not only in the crypto market but also in many other types of markets such as stocks, forex, …

The bot will continuously detect potential patterns from which to predict future trends in which the market may occur. The patterned trading method is a classic method used by many traders. The difficulty of them is that it is difficult to recognize the exact model. But that is no longer a problem when the bot is automatically recognized. SnapBots truly are a talented team of tech developers able to develop these special bots.

Here is a detailed review of the Snapbots chart parttern bots that I used to write:

In general, not everyone knows how to use bots or knows about these special automated tools. This is an extremely interesting new way you can find rewards for yourself.

To create a SnapBots account:
Group telegram:

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Note: trading is an area of financial risk. If you are a newcomer, consider carefully before joining.



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