RoboFi VICS— New Defi — Listing on CMC, Coingecko, Pancake Swap — Multiple IDO — 2000$ Airdrops

Max Fi
3 min readJun 11, 2021


For those of you who don’t know, for cryptos enthusiasts, Defi is an extremely popular trend recently. It is because of the ability to call for clapping easier thanks to the Decentralized Exchange platforms such as Pancakeswap, Sushiswap, Uniswap… It has helped developers and investors to connect with each other very easily.

Now, creating a cryptocurrency is very easy. However, investors will need to be more cautious in finding a potential project. Here is a NEW Defi project that has just appeared recently, with many new points of interest.

RoboFi $VICS, is a newly launched Defi project with many interesting points. RoboFi aims to develop a crypto trading bot marketplace. Moreover, the most special feature is learning to provide automated crypto trading bots completely on a decentralized protocol. This makes everything run transparently and creates a secure ecosystem. In addition, users can also own the value of the trading bots themselves through the IBO (Initial Bot Offering) feature, a new feature appearing for the first time in the world. That is what makes this project more interesting than ever!

They also have a standard launching plan for VICS token. Right now is the time of presale and they are expected to go public in June. This will be our chance to own VICS soon.


Official Link

Website | Twitter | Telegram| Telegram News | Reddit | Litepaper


Name — RoboFi Token
Ticker — VICS
Supply — 600,000,000
Network — Binance Smart Chain

Token Allocations

Team — 10% and Locked for 6 Months
Company — 10% and Locked for 12 Months
Private sale — 27% and Locked for 1 year ( Vesting 8%/Month )
Partners — 7%
Liquidity — 46%

RoboFi Roadmap

Q1 2021
• RoboFi project kick-off
• Prepare Whitepaper
• Private Token Sales

Q2 2021
• Release Litepaper in public
• Release the website in public
• Listing on DEX
• Public presales and IDO
• Start Fair Launch
• Community building
• On board bots creators

Q3 2021
• Listing on Coinecko
• Listing on Coinmarket Cap
• Build developers community
• Launch liquidity mining pool
• RoboFiStore and DABots IBO, stake, vote
• RoboFiTreasury: support BNB
• RoboFiStaking stake VICS to earn VICS

Q4 2021
• DABots: DEX bots, Farming bots
• RoboFiWallet: convert ERC20 from/to BEP20
• RoboFiGame
• RoboFiTreasury: support BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20)

Q1 2022
• On boarding institutional users
• RoboFiLending: regular lending and leverage bot staking
• RoboFiExchange (P2P)
• RoboFiEarn

Q2 2022
• And much more…

Progressing liquidity for VICS

🚀 1st community airdrop
🚀 Multiple IDO
🚀 2nd community airdrop
🚀 Community contest
🚀 Listing on DEX
🚀 Youtube/Twtter influencers
🚀 Listing on Coinenko
🚀 Listing on Coinmarketcap
🚀 Releasing our V1 RoboFi Platform
🚀 Listing on Central exchanges

Price prediction:

Presale price: 0.96 USD
X10 after public,
X20 after PR (Bloomberg, Business Insider, Market Watch,….)
X30-X40 after Listing CMC, Coingecko, PancakeSwap, Binance,…