SnapBots Review: Chart pattern bots — market expert advisor bots

I believe that today will be an especially useful article for traders. People who are participating in financial markets such as stocks, forex, cryptocurrency … Have you ever felt a headache because the price charts are too complicated and have not found a formula for the market? The tool I am about to show you will definitely help you to solve this problem. It helps you to more accurately predict the market price according to a special formula and is very easy to adapt. This tool is the SnapBots Chart pattern bots.

SnapBots bots store

First of all, we need to talk about SnapBots to anyone who has not heard of it. SnapBots is a smart technology ecosystem created by a group of Asian technology developers. They create a range of unique and valuable bot technologies such as Auto trading bot, Finance career bot, and much more. and which I’m using the most is chart pattern bots. With such impressive financial technology products, SnapBots are potential technology developers that are being highly appreciated.

SnapBots chart pattern bots

Explain more about Snapbots chart pattern bots. This is a smart bot that can detect price patterns like Head and shoulders, Double top, Double bottom, Cup and handle, Ascending & Descending triangle. These are the models that show the market sentiment. Once these patterns appear, the market will tend to move in a certain direction. Therefore, market predictions will become more accurate than ever. Taking advantage of this principle, Snapbots created these bots, constantly forecasting 24/7 to help traders accurately predict the market price.

How well does it work?

SnapBots chart pattern bots can operate in many different markets. Cryptocurrency, Forex, Stocks …

This is the Forex market and the bot has just discovered the Descending triangle on 1h candle chart of CADUSD, market SAXO.

Or in the crypto market, the bot discovers the Ascending triangle on 1 hour candle chart of DASHUSDT, market BINANCE.

How accurate are they?

It must be affirmed that not always bots can accurately predict the market price. But this tool is almost ideal for both experienced and inexperienced traders. This is one of the most objective market advice worth consulting for all traders.


I appreciate the SnapBots development team. They created high-value technologies. Regarding the Chart pattern bots, this is truly an impressive trading advisory tool that traders need.

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